Wallpaper, very popular in the seventies, has made a comeback! Whereas then, one would wallpaper all the walls of a room, or even the interior of the entire home, now a feature wall of wallpaper in one or two rooms is very popular, and has been in Europe for some time.


A feature wall of a bold, colorful or neutral wallpaper, can give you the feeling of being on vacation in an expensive apartment in Paris or Rome. It can dramatically transform your home, personalizing it, so you have something unique. Whether it be in the living room, dining room or main bedroom, wallpaper creates such an atmosphere that paint cannot achieve. Children's bedrooms are also fantastic with a wall of wallpaper!


If you have already painted the interior of your home and would like help choosing wallpaper, I would do a home visit and then go shopping with you at the Wallpaper Shop. Alternatively, if you're doing a complete repaint or building a new home, we could find the wallpaper and design a colour scheme to go with it. Whatever the case, you are usually only going to need three rolls of paper to do a feature wall.
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